White and Brown Eggs Are The Same

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white and brown eggs are the same

When you start talking about white and brown eggs and the difference between them there are many opinions, but here we will bust the myth about the difference for once and forever!

The only difference between white and brown eggs is their color!

I did a lot of reading and fact-finding for this and this is really the only difference between white and brown eggs.

There is however more to tell!

People claim that brown eggs are healthier and taste better and this could be true, but that can also be the same for white eggs. It all depends on where they come from.

What determines the color of an egg

The color of an egg is only determined by the race of the chicken and has nothing to do with what it eats or where it grows up.

The taste is, however, a totally different subject. The taste is determined by what a chicken eats! Eggs from a chicken farm taste different from a free-range farm where they run around all day and eat only natural food.

In my quest to find the difference between white and brown eggs I asked that question to a local farmer that sells fresh eggs and his answer was “do you eat the shell?” After that, he gave me an answer about the race and showed me his chicken.

Sometimes we run out of eggs and do not have time to run to the farm where we buy our eggs and have to get them from the local store.

We always regret that and realize how much better their taste is from the farm eggs we buy.

I hope this post explained the difference between white and brown eggs and I also hope you will find a farm or local farmers market where you can buy the so much better-tasting farm eggs in any color you like.

Now you know the difference between white and brown eggs you do not have to look for them in the stores.

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