4 quart Dutch Oven Reviews

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4qt-dutch-oven reviews4 Quart Dutch ovens are very versatile and can be used for many kinds of cooking. They can be used on the stove top, on a camp fire or in the oven. They hold their temperature for a long time and are therefore very good for use in any kind of  cooking.

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1. Lodge Pro-Logic P10D3 Cast iron Dutch oven
2. Lodge Color EC4D43 Island Spice red Dutch oven
3. Lodge 4 QT Camp Dutch Oven
4. King Kooker C4S cast ironn Dutch oven
5. FancyCook Enamel Cast iron Casserole 4 qt
6. Cuisinart GG44-22 Green 4 QT Dutch oven
8. Tips from users


Review of the Lodge Pro Logic P10D3 Cast Iron Dutch oven Black 4 QT

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Amazon Rating: 4.6

Lodge 4 qt black duth ovenThe Lodge 4 quart Pro Logic is a very popular Dutch oven That comes pre-seasoned and therefore ready to use.
One of the features is the self basting lid that makes it that you do not have to open the Dutch oven all the time.

Customer Reviews of the Lodge pro-logic 4 quart Dutch Oven black

“We originally bought this because we wanted a “pan” that is deeper for stir-frying. Instead of the chicken frier that is 3 inch deep, we picked this 4-inch deep model. And just like every other cast iron owner, we ended up using it for almost everything. Indeed, within a shortly one month period, it has already become our favorite cooking device, replacing a top-of-the-line calphanon non-stick and an claded stainless steel for all kinds of food: meat, eggs, tofu, vegetables, you name it. I didn’t know cast iron can be soooo good. …(read more here: Lodge Pro-logic four Quart Dutch oven Review)”

“I bought two to bake wonderfully crusty bread. They are heavy, solid, and nicely seasoned. My bread crackles when it comes out of the oven and is deep, caramel brown. Just use super heavy oven mitts and remember these babies stay hot for a long time after you are done baking. For round loaves, baking in these is much better (easier and provides a more crusty loaf) than spritzing the oven or otherwise trying to create steam to replicate a commercial baking oven. I have a small oven (27”) and can fit two at the same time without touching….(read more here: Lodge 4 QT Dutch oven Review)”

Lodge 4 Quart Duthc oven black price


Review of the Lodge EC4D3 Cast iron 4.5 Quart dutch oven

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Amazon Rating: 4.5

Lodge color island spice red 4.5 QT Duthc ovenAlthough this is not exactly a 4 QT Dutch oven we still added it to this review page.
The most important feature is that the inside and outside is porcelain enameled.
The other nice feature is the self basting cover. This makes all the vaporized drippings fall back on the food without you having to lift the lid and do it yourself.
Just to be sure. You must realize that hand-washing is recommended for this Lodge 4 QT Dutch oven. the color is called Island spice red.

Customer Reviews of the Lodge 4.5 Quart EC4D3 Dutch oven

“I was skeptical about buying this because my other two cast iron pots are Le Creuset and Staub, and honestly, there is a certain snobbery with owning such pricey pots – I had to overcome my bias. I needed this middle size, and ALMOST bought a Staub, but then decided to go with this one just to see what I thought. I bought the red one. As soon as it came I washed it and braised a whole chicken in rosemary, pears, and leeks.
There is absolutely NO difference in the performance of this pan. In fact, it comes with the metal knob (I had to buy one for my Le Creuset) It’s fantastic! Super heavy, white interior, no chips, no flaws in the enamel, and the lid fits perfectly. The sides of the pot slope slightly towards the bottom (unlike the other two pots, which have straight sides) which I find I prefer. The red of this pot very closely matches the red of my Le Creuset pot….(read more here:  Lodge EC4D3 Dutch oven Review)”

“This dutch oven is very attractive in color, cleans easily although you have to be careful not to chip the enamel (and the pot IS heavy) . I have used it once for a roast and it cooked evenly. I bought it for bread and have not used it yet for that but think that it is the perfect size for the peasant breads and other round breads I want to use it for. Am very pleased with the product and would highly recommend it. I LOVE the color! …(read more here: Lodge 4.5 QT island red Dutch oven price)”

Lodge 4.5 QT Dutch oven price


Review of the Lodge Camp Dutch Oven 4 QT

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Amazon Rating: 4.9

This Lodge Dutch oven measures a diameter of 10 inch and is 3.5 inch deep.
The lid can be used as a griddle and the whole Dutch oven is pre-seasoned and ready to go.
This made in the USA product is great for a campfire or in the fireplace, but also can be used in the oven.

Customer Reviews of the Lodge Camp 4 QT Dutch oven

“If you’ve never used a Dutch oven, you’re missing out. Not only are they versatile – boil, fry or bake – but cast iron is definitely the way to go (I’ve read some pretty nasty things about the coatings used on modern cookware). I use it when I’m out in the rv to keep some of the heat outside and to save on fuel for the stove. Plus, my mother’s cornbread recipe comes out better. If I’m car camping, it eliminates a lot of the pots and pans. And… it’s easy to clean. Before I bought this, I did a lot of research and Lodge is one of the very few made in the US of A. Their quality is excellent. Lots of Dutch Oven recipes on line. You know you want one or you wouldn’t be reading this – so go ahead and get it! No regrets…(read more here: Lodge Camp 4QT Review)”

” chose this oven because I’ve cooked for years in cast iron, and love the results. Lately I have gotten into camp cooking over a campfire or charcoal with them, and the food and cleanup is amazing. Better than any pre-coated cookware by far.
Lodge is made in the U.S.A. which meant everything to me. The quality difference you can see if you compare Lodge to Camp Chef or any of the other cast iron cookware. Far superior!! …(read more here: Lodge 4 quart Camp Dutch Oven Review)”

lodge 4qt dutch oven price


Review of the King Kooker CL4S 4 QT dutch oven

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Amazon Rating: 4.6

King Koopker 4 Quart Cl4SJust like many of the top brands that you pay a lot more for, this King Kooker comes pre-seasoned and is the cast iron lid included. Read from real user that they like to use this Dutch oven for soups, stews and gumblo. 1 mentioned that she love to use it for Gumbo. Also great for deep frying and as a roaster oven.

Customer Reviews of the King Kooker Dutch oven

“I bought this primarily to be able to have an oven when camping or if I lose power. When I received it, the first thing I did was to wash it and then re-season it. I just baked some bread in it yesterday. It worked just as expected. The bread was very evenly cooked. Awesome back up plan…..(read more here: pKng Kooker 4qt Dutch oven Review)”

“my children first time saw it called the witches cauldron: said mom when are you going make witch brew; ha ha
no I made a nice beef stew with it. very enjoyable; Truth the stuff that i bought in Amazon remind my grand mom used to own. Who I loved so much …(read more here: King kooker 4 quarts CL4S Review)”

King Kooker Dutch oven price


Review of the FancyCook Enamel Cast Iron Green Casserole 4gt dutch oven

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Amazon Rating: 4.2

FanCycook 4QT casserole cast iron4 Quart Enamel cast iron with a black interior and Green exterior.
Measures 10.5 in diameter and 4 inch deep.
Has been mentioned as a good replacement for the much more expensive Le

Customer Reviews of the FancyCook 4 QT Casserole

“When I got The Box I knew right away It was Heavy If you know How to Cure Cast Iron this Is Perfect for you .. There are actually two tone’s Of heavy enamel a lime green and a Darker Green .. I Like the design of the Handel’s and lid …. It’s a beautiful Cassarole To add to my collection ! You Must have the knowledge of Treating this kind of cast Iron before using It ! And like Any other cook who like’s to research curing or cooking method’s For Iron oven’s you will enjoy learnng to cure your Own Oven This is Perfect for Roasting Chicken , Making stew’s soup’s and Can Be used indoor or outdoor , I know It will last a lifetime !…(read more here: Fancycook 4QT Casserole Review)”

“It’s said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I thought I’d lost my much more expensive Le BigBucks dutch oven and couldn’t afford to replace it. This is a great alternative. I only wish the interior was enamel as well but you can’t beat cast iron cooking, so, five stars….(read more here: FancyCook 4 QT cast iron casserole Review)”

FancyCook 4QT price

Review of the Cuisinart GG44-22 GreenGourmet 4 QT Dutch oven

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Amazon Rating: 4.7

Cuisinart 4 Quart Dutch ovenThis Cuisinart hard anodized nonstick 4 quart Dutch oven comes witha cover and is made of 70% recycled material. The perfect fitting lid keeps the heat and moisture in the pan.
Handles that stay cool makes it easy to use.
Must be hand washed, but can handle heat up to 500 degrees and therefore can be used in the broiler.

Customer Reviews of the Cuisinart 4 quart dutch oven

“The Cuisinart 4-qt dutch pan is an addition to my stainless steel, non-stick set of Cuisinart pots and pans. I love the set, (which I have had over one year), and the pans still have the non-stick finish. I cook on the stove, and use the pans in the oven. I have read lots of complaints about the pans sticking after a while. To prevent this (as the advertisement indicates) I start the burner higher, and turn it down as the pan gets hot. If food sticks — I soak the pan and then clean with a sponge using lots of soap. I shine the pan when drying with a dish cloth. Also I have a pan grill (from another set) which I always cook on high. First, salt the bottom of the pan. Try it, the salt actually prevents sticking. …(read more here: Cuisinart GG44-22 Dutch oven Review)”

“Love Cuisinart Green series pots and pans! This Dutch Oven is the perfect size for our 2-people soups and stews. I have the full set of this series and I am thrilled with them also. They are a dream to clean and cook very evenly. It takes a little getting used to that these pots are used with no higher than a “medium” setting on the stove, but it is small price to pay. I do find that a few of the lids on the set I bought do not fit very tightly, but it does not seem to be an issue in cooking. I will only buy Cuisinart products from now on! …(read more here: Cuisinart 4 quart Dutch oven Review)”

Cuisinart GG44-22 price


More reviews will be added to the 4 QT Dutch oven reviews page almost on a daily basis. We only review Dutch oven with  a good customer rating and that get good comments.
To be honest it seem that the Lodge is in the top with their 4 quart Dutch ovens.

Tips from real users

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Read that some people use a 4 Qt Dutch oven for camping, but also as a back up for if the power goes out. They use it either on the gas or charcoal grill then.
Most people think this is the perfect size for stews, and soups.

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