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Porter Road Review

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In this time of Coronavirus, finding a company that can supply essentials right to your door has become more important than ever before.

However, when it comes to meat, consumers need to be extra careful; it’s important to have absolute trust in your supplier to deliver the freshest products and cuts of meat and go that extra mile when it comes to customer service.

Porter Road Meat Store

One Nashville meat supplier has built an enviable reputation for exceptional service and a range of quality products that will meet the needs of even the most discerning carnivore – the company is Porter Road.

The meat supplier is known for all things quality and is just one of the many great suppliers in Nashville on Market Street.

In a hurry? You can find the Porter Road online meat store here!

Why choose for Porter Road

There are reasons to choose the Porter Road meat store and I will mention here why I think it is a good choice.

They Control the Supply Chain

Porter Road is a Nashville based butcher that has been around since 2011.

They process their meat at a facility located in Kentucky – this gives consumers the peace of mind of knowing that the butchery controls the entire supply chain from pasture to shelf – meaning that they are always keeping an eye on quality (cattle are not given hormones or antibiotics), hygiene and freshness.

They also do all the storage themselves to ensure that they meet their customer’s nutritional needs.

Locally Sourced Cattles

The company sources cattle from farms in Kentucky and Tennessee.

The cattle are also 100% ‘pasture-raised,’ so they do feed on grass – but this is supplemented by Non-GMO grain.

The result of this mixed feed is that consumers are provided with cuts of meat that combine the rich flavor that comes from cattle that graze on grass, but also enjoy the marbling and superior cuts that are the result of the addition of mixed grains to the feeding schedule.


The fact that each piece of meat is hand-cut by experts (the owners – Chris Carter and James Peisker are both trained chefs) means that the cuts are exceptional and provide not only a great eating experience (adding to the enjoyment is the fact that the beef is dry-aged for at least two weeks) – but also great value for money.

The company sells lamb, beef, pork, and chicken, and the products are delivered to the customer’s door – anywhere in the United States.

The website itself is a pleasure to navigate, providing information on the various types and cuts of meat (for example there are over 50 cuts of beef alone on the site) – as well as helping customers select the ideal protein based on the time they wish to spend cooking and the method they will be using (e.g., sous vide, grilling, oven, etc.).

There is a wealth of products on the site. These range from marrow bones to incredible sausages (maple bacon, chorizo, Italian sausages, bratwurst, kielbasa, and Memphis barbecue flavored). The lamb selection is exceptional, as are the choices when it comes to whole chickens and chicken portions.

Curated Packs

There are also a number of curated packs that offer the perfect introduction to the quality meats supplied by Porter Road.

The ‘Stay at Home’ pack with 5 lbs of Dry-Aged ground beef, 2 lbs of loose Italian sausage, and 2 lbs of loose ‘Country Breakfast Sausage’ and 2 lbs of Ground Pork is a great choice as is the ‘Best of Porter Road’ box – which is always in high demand – so place your orders ASAP.

The Various Selections of Porter Road

There are a lot of cuts of meat, and many different butchers that provide them.

Not all are created equal, but it should be easy to find a great cut of meat from a great butcher.

Porter Road, has a great selection of beef cuts to choose from for cooking into steaks. Here are some of the selections that are offered by Porter Road.

Top Sirloin Steak

The Top Sirloin Steak is a cut that provides a lot of value. It’s a relatively affordable priced cut that comes in at $9 for around 7 ounces.

Coming from the back of the cow, the muscle that is used for the Top Sirloin Steak is heavily developed and produces a juicy cut with a tender feel.

The fat content of the cut is rather low, making it a good option for a rare steak, as it will toughen up as it spends more time on the heat.

Beef Heart Steak

An even more affordable cut is the Beef Heart Steak. This 12-ounce steak costs $8 and comes from the heart of the cow.

The tougher areas of the heart are cut away to reveal this cut of meat, which, while dense, offers a great flavor that is truly unique. Due to the tough nature of the heart meat, the Beef Heart Steak should be served rare, or cooked using sous vide.

Some cooking methods involve soaking the cut in milk, but it can be cooked without it. The Beef Heart Steak makes a great steak on its own, or as diced meat for a dish.

Teres Major

For those who want to have the filet Mignon experience, the USDA Ungraded Teres Major is a good selection.

This cut comes from the shoulder area of the cow and is developed through regular pasture activity. The cut is around 12 ounces and may be small, but for $18, it’s still a great value for such a flavorful cut that costs less than other filet mignon steaks.

This cut contains excellent marbling, can be cooked in a short time and is best served at rare or medium-rare.


One of the more expensive cuts that are offered, the USDA Ungraded Bavette, is great for those who want to spend a little more to get a great steak.

The Bavette is a cut that comes from the belly section of the cow, where it gets regular usage from the cow while living on the pasture. This results in one of the best textures that are created from the muscle fibers that form.

It’s similar in appearance to flank steaks, but it’s a little bit thicker. The Bavette weighs around 3 pounds and costs $42. The typical usage for the Bavette is cut meat for fajitas, but they’re also great when served on their own as a steak.

This steak can also hold marinades quite well. When cutting, the Bavette should be sliced against the grain for the best results. These cuts of meat range from really affordable to more expensive, but they’re all pretty good options for a great steak.

They’re easy to prepare and should provide quality flavor.

My Take On Porter Road

After doing this Porter Road review and reading many customer opinions and how they feel about this online meat store you can find my opinion here.

Porter Road has built its reputation on providing an exceptional range of cuts and meats of incredible quality and value for money.

Take advantage of their countrywide delivery service, and you will never shop for meat at a supermarket again.

More Options

I had a good look at some other online meat suppliers and how the operated and are rated by their customers.

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