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farmfoods review

I’ve dedicated plenty of my time reading through various sources before making up my mind to engage in some FarmFoods market reviews on Better Priced Online. My objective is to give you the best advice as it concerns the most sustainable grass-fed as well as finished meat.

It appears the FarmFoods site is highly concerned with offering their customers good quality meat at a reasonably priced rate.

Curious? You can locate their site here!

During the period of writing this piece, The FarmFoods market operated 6 farms which all raised the quality of their beef naturally while feeding them just hay or grass.

Whenever a veterinarian happens to be in need or some form of medication, they sell the animals as regular beef, they will not be considered grass-fed or natural. That idea is great, in my opinion.

On their site, they have established that the origin of most of the food we eat today is not known to us. They insist that it is good to know where the food you are eating is being sourced from. I totally consent to that.

Which type of meat is obtainable at FarmFoods?

The thrilling thing about these guys is the fact that they offer more than the usual standard meat. The FarmFoods products they offer are:

  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Salmon

The Salmon in FarmFoods market is similar to the Alaska Salmon that is caught in the wild, from Tony & Heater wood’ certified farm in Alaska. This Salmon is put through deep freezing immediately after its processing, and finally air-sealed.

FarmFoods method of Shipping

Ordering your Salmon, chicken, pork, or beef is a pretty standard procedure.

  • Locate your meat
  • Check your stuff out online
  • Expect the delivery to your house

Shipping will be executed via UPS, while the meat will be kept frozen with the help of dry ice.

The meat is always packaged with adequate ice that can allow it to last up to 12hours post-delivery time.

The meat in the farm foods market is usually shipped either on Monday or Thursday, which means the meat will get to you in about 2 – 3 days. Most deliveries are achieved during noontime.

Ready to know more? Their store can be found here!

I was tempted to give you the entire list of grass-based beef available in their store, but that is going to be extra demanding, so you can run through this shortlist.

FarmFoods Beef

  • hamburger
  • Sausage
  • Steaks
  • Roast
  • Ribs
  • organ meat
  • Marrow bones

FarmFoods Pork

  • Ham
  • Tenderloin
  • Bacon
  • Pork Belly
  • Spare ribs
  • Pork chops
  • Pork shoulder
  • Pork Butt
  • Ground pork
  • pork sausage
  • Marrow & neck bones

FarmFoods Chickens

The chickens are raised outdoors on pastures 365 days a year where they are exposed to natural foods such as bugs seeds, grass, and worms. Additionally, they also take locally milled standard grains. This may not be a grain that is non-GMO. From all indications, the frozen chicken in FarmFoods is highly patronized.

FarmFoods Salmons

Like I said earlier, the Salmons are caught wild in Alaska, after which they will be frozen inside fillets of about 6 to 7 ounces, individually packaged.

More FarmFoods options

There’s equally a handful of combinations of packages that are available which contain high-quality sirloin steak, a complete chicken, 2 salmon fillets, and 3-pounds ground beef.

Farmfoods Unboxing

I can write a lot more but a video can explain things even better than I can. Here is a video of the opening, unboxing, cooking, and testing of Farmfoods meats.

FarmFoods Review – My Opinion

After digging deep into the concept and coming out with this review on FarmFoods, I can comfortably say I am 100% happy with their store.

Their idea of keeping lean production as well as promotion to reduce the prices is a welcomed idea.

This will likely give rise to some discounts on FarmFoods and this shows also in the farmfoods prices.

I explored all the farms their meats are gotten from and their views of natural beef, but it ended up that all that they said was just okay.

I recommend that you take a peep at their store if you are hoping to use your grill to do some healthy foods.

FarmFoods amazing deals

You can be sure of a discount on this farm food market; they are available on their site or get them in your inbox after signing up for their newsletters.

Thanks for digesting this review on FarmFoods. Please do not hesitate to reach me with your questions. Have a look at their store here!

There are other stores that are into this meat trade online, prompting the aim of my review to afford you multiple options.

Here are some of the other options I wrote about.

By the time you search for those store locations, you will be spoilt with multiple options, and since I want your choices to be maximized, I also wrote about the best places to buy grass-fed beef and there are more reliable options.

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