Fossil Farms Review

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Fossil Farms review

Are you bored with always having chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs? Do you want me to find other great options for you? If the answer is Yes!! Then you are looking at the right place. Fossil farms review will help you find more exciting options for your thrilling grill experience.

Why always have the same regular beef, poultry, and pork when you can have more juicy and mouth-watering options waiting for you.

Let’s wait no more and dig into the review of  Fossil Farms.

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Fossil Farms Review –  Brief Guide For The Explorers

Here is a review for those who want to explore more juicy cuts for their thrilling grill experience.

Introduction of  Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms provide online meat delivery services. They also have an actual physical store in New Jersey. If you live in New Jersey, then you can visit their store. Otherwise, you can order your happiness at home because Fossils Farm delivers your favorite cut at your doorstep.

Sometimes a video can explain things better than I can in writing.

Four main meat categories which they offer are:

  • Game Meats
  • Exceptional  breeds
  • Game birds
  • Exotic meats
Lady with carrying fossil farms meat

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Categories In-Game Meats

Following are the main types of meat you can order from the range of wild meats:

Fossil Farms Venison This Venison is raised in New Zealand, and you can choose different cuts from their wide range of variety.

This venison has a sweet taste to it, which might not be to some people’s liking rather than having a gamey taste.

Fossil Farms Bison Raised in the north region of America and eastern Canada, Bison is recommended by many chefs because of its richness in quality.

Bison is red similar to the beef, but its taste is slightly sweeter compared to the beef. Fossil Farms Bison has vitamins and proteins.

Fossil Farms Elk: Elk belongs to the deer family, but it doesn’t taste like one. In taste, it is in between venison and beef.

As I like to explore more exciting flavors, for me, It is worth a shot.

ANTELOPE: Antelope looks like a deer, but in reality, they belong to the family of goats. Those who like the mild taste similar to venison should try this cut.

Kinds Of Meats Offered By Fossil Farms

  • Pheasant
  • Quail
  • Ostrich
  • Lamb
  • Reptiles
  • Rabbits
  • Squab
  • Venison
  • Yak
  • Wild boar
  • Turkey
  • Scottish game
  • Alligator
  • Wagyu beef
  • Angus beef
  • Berkshire pork
  • Cured meat
  • Bison
  • Emu
  • Duck
  • Chicken
  • Game birds
  • Goose
  • Kangaroo
  • Guinea hen
  • Elk
  • Foie gras
  • Iberico pork

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Choosing Your Cut Of Meat – The Real Struggle

I can say this with the utmost guarantee that choosing from the wide range of meats offered by Fossil Farms will be one of the most challenging choices you ever had to make.

Because of the vast and exotic meats offered, choosing the one for you will be a complicated matter.

The Top Exotic Meats – People’s choice

According to the google research done by me, the following are the top 2 types of meat that people love the most and are shipped the most by Fossil Farmers across the country.

ALLIGATOR Surprised, right? Well, I cannot say this about you, but I was surprised when I found this out.

Alligators meat is one of the most shipped items by Fossil Farms. It tastes like a quail and has a slightly fishy flavor. Although it doesn’t have any connection with a quail, weirdly enough, it tastes like one.

OSTRICH While ostriches have wings, they are still unable to fly, but one excellent quality these birds have is that they taste like mighty chicken and turkey.

Who cares man, if they can’t fly as long as they taste like a chicken.

Fossil Farms Antelope meat on a table

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Reviews By The Customers

I’ll be honest with you. It took me a great effort to find the authentic and honest reviews of the customers.

I searched Google and the Fossil Farms website, and on their website, I found comments and reviews of some delighted and happy customers. 

A few people were not content with the services of Fossil Farms, but for the majority of people, the services of farms were outstanding and satisfying.

A large portion of people was satisfied and content with the online delivery service provided by fossils farms.

Those who visited the store in New Jersey mentioned the friendly staff Fossil Farmers have.

Overall the reviews of the customers of Fossil Farmers were good.

Here is a video on how the meat is packed to make sure it will arrive in good condition at your doorsteps.

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How to Place an Order From Fossil Farms?

After deciding what you want to order, the next step for placing an online order is to sign up for an account first.

Now place your order just through simple clicks from your account.

Orders placed between Monday to Friday are processed on those days and are shipped the following  Monday to Thursday. If shipping requires 2 days, then the order will be processed Monday through Wednesday.

How Your Order Will Be Shipped?

For making sure that your order remains fresh, Fossil Farms deliver the order through UPS. You can provide your home address or get it delivered to your workplace.

The box consists of an outer and inner box. Styrofoam helps to keep the frozen meat fresh while the order will be shipped.

To ensure quality, Fossil Farms flash freezes the orders at the time of production. If you want to place a fresh order, then call their customer service at 973-917-3155 for assistance.

Fossil Farms Promo Code

Sorry fellows! I tried to find for myself and for you, too, any promo code or discount code, but I could not do so. Maybe in the future, Fossils Farms will give a promo code. Let’s wait and hope for it to happen.

My Personal Opinion About Fossil Farms

I believe that Fossil Farms provides an excellent online delivery service, as I have placed orders several times.

The only complaint I had was the meat got a little thawed out during the shipping process. But, you can freeze those meat cuts again, and they will remain fresh for an extended period.

Fossil Farms mission statement

After reading many comments and reviews by their customers, I could say that Fossil Farms does a lot of work in maintaining their customers happy and content.

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So if you would like to explore more exotic meat cuts, just like me, or want to surprise your friends and guests with fresh and organic meat cuts,  then you should try to place an order from Fossil Farms.  

If you like to find more options to buy quality meat online you can have a look at the following stores I had a good look at.

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