Bissell Garage Pro Wet/Dry Review

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Rating: 4.3 – Reviewed by Eddie
The Bissell company is very known in the world of vacuum cleaners and is known for their quality. We reviewed theBissell garage Pro wet/dry for your convenience to decide if this is the garage vacuum cleaner you ar are looking for. Leave us a comment or if you feel like adding your personal experience in the comment section below.

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The Bissell Garage pro wet/dry complete wet and dry 18po3 is the full name of this garage vacuum. We found more then 100 reviews and you can read all about what we found out here in our review.

Review of the Bissell Garage Pro

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Our Rating: 4.3

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Customer Reviews of the Bissell Garage Pro

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“I bought this vacuum cleaner for my woodworking workshop.
It works great, picks up all debris. The hose is long enough to reach outside of the garage to clean my vehicles parked in the driveway.
The wall mount keeps the unit off the ground and out of the way.
The holding compartment is translucent and easy to disassemble.
It comes with a variety of attachments, everything and more than most people would need.
I have not used this as a wet vac yet….(read more here: Bissel 18PO3 vacuum cleaner review)”

“I bought this a couple of days ago and was skeptical at first, in fact I didn’t even want to hang it up in fear I would make holes in the wall and then have to return it. Man, was I wrong. This thing is AWESOME and it more than exceeded my expectations. My favorite attachment is the turbo roller/brush, it’s great for cleaning the seats and carpets in the cars. I would definitely recommend to a friend!…(read more here: Bissel wet/dry wal mount vacuum cleaner review)”

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Our opinion

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We have reviewed a few garage vacuum cleaners and the Bissell can be considered a good buy.
With its 12 Amp and the wet/dry option it is very versatile to use and what is an other plus it that it can be converted into a blower also. The 4 gallon dirty water tank is big enough to suck up a spill.
The 32 foot long hose is long enough to be used in most garages.
the 7 attachments are all very usable and getting used by most people.
There is a little complain about the hook for the hose. some people replaced it with a more sturdy hook.
We read some complaints about the filter not being able to filter our real fine dust and blowing it back in the garage.
The price is little high, but if you can afford itwe can recommend this Bissell garage pro wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

More pictures of the bissell garage pro

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Bissel wr/dry 18PO3

bissel sucking water

bissel wall mount

Tips from real users

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Tips we found from real users

  • I used a peg board with small hooks for the attachments
  • If your hose is clogged turn it into blower to unclog it.
  • We looked at more garage vacuum cleaners on this page.

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